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Centered on providing premium quality services in the field of Hair Loss treatment, BERGMANN KORD was established in 1979 in Greece and is recognized as one of the most specialized hair clinics worldwide.

Starting from the first hair transplant procedure in Greece, our medical teams have ever since performed more than 60.000 hair transplant procedures, securing guaranteed and permanent result of high quality

Pioneer in the field of research, BERGMANN KORD is active from 2011 in the field of Hair Cloning & Hair Multiplication using stem cells mesenchymal cells from autologous hair follicles. This innovative technology secures a permanent, safe solution for hair loss either in men or women.

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Furthermore, BERGMANN KORD as one of the most innovative clinics around the world performs hair transplantations with Growth Factors for an aided result (sooner outgrowth of the new hair, strengthening the old hair, limitation of the hair loss). 

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Medical tourism by Bergmann Kord, one of the most specialized clinics for hair loss restoration and hair transplantation, worldwide.

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Lia Kordera - FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon
The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is the most important evolution of hair transplantation, it constitutes an operation of mild gravity
Growth Advanced Transplantation (G.A.T.): the most innovative version of Hair Transplantation
BERGMANN KORD innovates and performs Hair Transplantaion in combination with Growth Factors for enhanced results
FUE: The minimally invasive method of Hair Transplantation
FUE hair transplant technique involves the one by one extraction of follicular units from the donor area and their reimplantation to the recipient one
HOS-2 Technique for patients’ hair loss
For hair loss cases that are a medical conditions' result (radiation, chemotherapy), we apply HOS-2 technique
Female Hair Loss: individualized solutions for every woman
The specialized Female Hair Loss Department of BERGMANN KORD offers the best possible individualized solutions to every woman experiencing hair loss
The crown of Bergmann Kord’s Corporate Social Responsibility is «HAIR for HELP».

Scientific activity-Announcement

After six years of successful presentation in the greater area of Patra, Bergmann Kord Hair Clinic will be relocated at the beginning of April to the centre of the city, at 111 St. Andrew’s Street.
BERGMANN KORD presented HOS-2 hair technique for medical conditions (hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, clinical diseases etc.) to medical editors during a corporate lunch at Skala Vinoteca restaurant on Tuesday 23rd of April.
Participation of Bergmann Kord at the 3rd International Workshop for the use of Growth Factors in the treatment of Hair Loss in Milan.
Participation of Bergmann Kord at the 21st World Congress for Hair Transplantation (ISHRS), which was held from the 23rd to the 26th of October, in San Francisco.